Welcome to Studio 4 Bodywork!  We are located  in the city of Birmingham, MI and the only professional studio in the entire area specializing in the Dr. Ida Rolf Method of Structural Integration!  Don't be fooled by someone who claims to "...know how to do structural integration"or has taken a weekend course!  Structural Integration  Practitioners have been trained at the GSI in Boulder, CO and are certified.  Studio 4 Bodywork provides quality and effective “hands on” therapies in a clean, safe and comfortable atmosphere.  All of our therapists are highly trained in therapies that have proven track records and sound principles. Our goal is to offer only the most effective alternative and natural approaches to chronic pain and/or symptoms, and educate our clients on health, posture, stress and overall well being.  Our staff has assisted hundreds of individuals in finding relief from discomfort, getting them back to looking and feeling great!


If you have never experienced services at Studio 4 Bodywork, we would be happy to assist you in finding the approach and practitioner that best fits your needs.  If you happen to love bodywork (and who doesn’t), you will be pleasantly impressed with the quality and talent of our therapists.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations and welcome you to the Excellence in Bodywork.